Médecine esthétique Genève

Your beauty is the light
of your soul

"Our eyes are created to see the shapes under the light, and those shapes that perfectly reflect and reveal the light are the most beautiful ones. It is hard not to agree on this and it is exactly what we have to strive for.Aesthetic medicine is a science, with high technicality, but it is also an art: the art of capturing shapes under the light.

For a long time, I have been contemplating about the term that would reflect my personal vision of aesthetic practice as a creative process at the service of your beauty. The analogy with architecture is perfectly suitable because we have in common a comprehensive and three-dimensional approach to proportions and a principle of accuracy in the work of shapes.

For me, your facial architect is the aesthetic doctor who will use multiple skills to reveal and preserve your natural beauty and emotions."

Doctor Dominique Magnin



Quick and effective aesthetic solutions
designed specifically for men.

Instantaneously, our specific injection procedures
erase the signs of aging and fatigue,
and thicken hair.



Aesthetic treatments for
any time in your life.

Each age has different needs and thus
different aesthetic treatments.
It is essential to adapt the youthfulness
to the reality of the patient’s age.


Jeunesse plurielle médecin esthétique genève
Cosmetologie Genève


Innovative cosmetology:
a targeted medical prescription.

With higher concentrations than in
standard products, the products that I
recommend guarantee better results because
they respond to defined topical treatment.