Quick and effective aesthetic solutions designed specifically for men

We want to look better, younger, more dynamic. We want to erase the fatigue that time leaves on our face, not so much to seduce but to make the most of our assets in a professional life that is more and more selective and demanding. We know that a face must reflect self-confidence.

Immediately effective aesthetic treatments, practically painless and without social interruption, that meet our needs and our specific demands. We don’t have the same skin or structure as the women, and so it’s natural that treatments should adapt accordingly. 

Alopecia, hair loss, and loss of density are no longer inevitable.

To avoid resorting to painful invasive techniques needed for capillary transplant, we have developed and adapted our anti-aging treatments for problems specific to alopecia.

Particularly effective PRP mesotherapy of the scalp boosts hair growth. Injected with very fine needles, the cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals restore atrophied vascularization of the hair follicle. 100% biocompatible, PRP injections, platelet-rich plasma, an autologous product from your own blood, intensify the process by promoting rejuvenation and revitalization of the hair by improving capillary microcirculation and bulb stimulation. As the sessions progress, your hair becomes thicker. 

Choosing this technique depends on your goals and the factors that triggered the alopecia.