Your First Appointment

During this first appointment, I will listen attentively and learn the emotional language of your face.This first appointment is essential because it will put us in perfect harmony with each other.

Then comes rigorous and measured observation. The face is a unique masterpiece which shapes must always be perfectly proportionate, even after the corrections.The purity of the contours, the harmony of the proportions, the symmetry of the halves, the discreet mobility of the cheekbones, the absence of shaded areas each detail is a part of a three-dimensional ideal projection of your natural beauty.

Each face is unique, and the reflection that precedes the care must be as well. A tailor-made treatment is defined by the subtlety of the medical approach and the judicious combination of fine progressive corrections at various strategic points.

I will explain your treatment plan to you in detail.

We will discuss together how to change it according to your desires and your budget, because the primary objective of our approach is your satisfaction.