Lightweight, natural and so much less invasive than a surgical procedure, the facelift that I practice is based on fine injections of botulinum toxin that I determine according to the inalienable principle of overall facial dynamics. Your forehead will express the full range of emotions, from joy to surprise, but you will no longer have that preoccupied air that doesn’t suit you.

The entire art of the facelift technique is the thoughtful and measured application of the qualities of the botulinum toxin that relaxes the muscles and blocks the transmission of nerve impulses. Relaxed without being fixed, the face then appears more rested and younger because the skin is smoothed and luminous.

A young face that has benefited from this innovative treatment, starting from 25 years , will age much better.Such face won’t be marked by wrinkles, and it will retain the radiant beauty of supple skin.

Results last between four and six months. After the second appointment, results will last six months. Afterwards, two appointments per year will be necessary.