Your mouth, your lips, your smile are always in the spotlight, they attract the most of the attention and denote the features of your face – hence it is crucial to pay due attention to its beauty and care. Nowadays the women of all age could face such issues as thin and not enough full lips, an appearance of the first signs of aging, “sun wrinkles”… But all these aesthetic problems could be easily solved after the professional consultation. In the hands of the real professional, you can discreetly restore the sensuality of full, soft lips and obtain the most alluring smile.

It’s all about the delicacy of the dosage, the lightness and precision of the gestures. The goal is not to transform you but to reveal your beauty. The new products and innovative techniques that I use allow me not only to recreate volume but also to redraw the harmony of your smile. A well-planned and mastered treatment of light injections of very fluid and low hydrophilic hyaluronic acid redraws the edges, and restores surface and relief to naturally rehydrated and replumped lips.

When you smile, your face will be ideally illuminated because you will regain the golden ratio synonymous with natural beauty, the regular pentagon that must form the two nasolabial grooves, the chin guards and the width of the chin.