Each age group has specific needs and therefore aesthetic treatments.
It is essential to adapt the youthfulness to the reality of the patient’s age.

20 to 30 years

The earlier we intervene in the “architecture” of our face, the more natural the results are and the better it gets. By beginning early aesthetic procedures, we can palliate the effects of time with softer and lighter techniques. Treatment of cutaneous breakages with low doses of resorbable botulinum toxin prevents young women from ultimately having the severe air that the lion’s wrinkle gives. It is legitimate to correct small flaws early. Safe motions raise the tail of a drooping eyebrow, open the eyes, erase acne scars.

30 to 50 years 

Not looking your age but still staying natural is possible today. The aim of our aesthetic interventions is to bring you back to the major characteristics of youth: well-proportioned shapes and a radiant complexion. The mastery of the MDTM Codes, lift points, combined with treatments adapted to your skin, restructures your face towards more harmony and lightness without transforming your appearance.

50 years and up

Well thought out, well-adapted, aesthetic medicine makes it possible to reconcile with oneself gently. The goal is not to create an artificial youth but to make your face reflect your beauty and inner dynamism. You can go through the natural process of aging by keeping a harmonious face.